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We have a Certified Professional Groomer on staff at all times.


Jee Jac Kennels Grooming Follows industry standards for Pet & Staff safety, Health, Sanitation & customer service. Taking guidance from IPG's code of ethics and continuing our education.

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and stress-free environment for your pets while under our care.

Jee Jac Kennels Boarding Facility follows the international Boarding &Pet Service Association's (IBPSA) code of conduct. We participate in continuing education and are always perfecting our skills.

If your dog is new to boarding & grooming, we suggest scheduling time to bring your dog in for a meet & greet during the day. This will help your dog adjust to the new surroundings and feel more comfortable. 

Thank you for considering Jee Jac Kennels for your boarding and grooming needs!

         Members of:

  • ​International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA)

  • International Professional Groomers Association (IPG)

  • Mount Baker Kennel Club

  • Burlington Chamber of Commerce


  • Certified Professional Groomer on staff

  • Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

  • Certified Canine Provider

  • Certified Feline Provider

  • Dog & Cat First Aid

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