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We provide 24-hour care and individual kennel runs for each pet.


Pets stay separately unless they live together.

Have your pet in a carrier or on a leash when you arrive.

Separate area for small dogs & cats

Indoor/Outdoor covered runs.

Special services for medications or extensive care. Bring medications in the original bottles.

We provide dishes and bedding. Washable small blanket or towel are welcome.


We encourage you to bring your pets food from home; this will help minimize any stomach upset.

Please have food in a labeled sealable container.

Having your dog groomed the day they go home is a great way to keep their coat in top condition.

Boarding Requirements

Dogs:          Rabies           1-3 year

                    DA2PP          1-3 year

                    Lepto            Optional

                    Bordetella    1 year

Cats:            Rabies          1-3 year

                    FVRCP         1-2 year


         Please make sure your pet is                          free of worms and fleas.                 


Stays 2 weeks or over require a deposit.

Dogs: (per calendar day)

  • 20lbs & under         $26.00

  • 21-50lbs                   $28.00

  • 51-80lbs                   $30.00

  • 81lbs & over            $34.00


$20.00 per calendar day

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